Saturday, January 13, 2018

Very Grateful

Of all the horrid, awful, cold, freezing, wet weather around the U.S. today we had in the low 60's i am sure- is 59 right now and it is almost 5pm, sun shining, i was driving with my window down and only a sweater on!!!!
last year there was at least a foot of snow and my ankle was broke, had only been out of surgery for a week and was not able to get anywhere or DO anything... this year is so very much better!!! So very, very thankful for the grace and things that i do have this year... survived last year and this year is before me and can only look up and onward!!!!
Take Care and God Bless

Picture is of the Three Sisters about noon today


  1. I’m glad life is so much better for you this year.

  2. Always a good day when the sun is shining inside and out!