Monday, February 26, 2018

A Week

Yes, another week... sometimes it just seems like i am letting the days pass me by one by one.  Brian has been home for a week as the weather has been horrid... sleet, snow, wind. At least his boss decided to not work them in the snow and ice..  but he has been home for a week..... nuff said
have gotten in some snow shoveling.. just a bit, normally there is a layer an inch or so of the snow and ice and  single digit temps, but not a whole lot of snow to get out of the way and by the afternoon, mostly it has melted away.. but then nite comes and it does the same thing all over again, Mt B has 96 inches, which is a good thing.  The mountains look beautiful sitting there in all their glory.
This week have some doc appts with a friend of mine, stamp class (oh, i made like 9 cards, was fun, just sitting here at home), Friday nite the Prineville Spring Follies, amazing the talent in the area.  Sunday another community concert... Monday and Tuesday more doc appts..... nothing wrong with me, just a check up so they will keep giving me my meds..... going to try to get appt to get hearing aides adj as they just do not work for me....
getting a trip together to go to Iowa, have plane ticket, been over a year since i have been and have not even met the youngest child who will be two this year!!!! Time sure does fly!!!
So things are happening, i am trying to get out and about and live!!! other than just putting dogs in and out and picking up poop!!! my life in a nutshell, hahaha
Take Care and God Bless

p.s.  Spring is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing you! At my age, I sometimes cannot remember what day of the week it is without looking at the calendar.

  2. That also seems to be our life in a nutshell too. Doc appts and taking pups in and out. Have a get away planned for this weekend to a bluegrass festival. Looking forward to that.