Saturday, March 24, 2018


Just had to add a picture... what better than 3 Sisters?? Even tho they have been on here again, never tire of them, there is MUCH more snow up there now, have had LOTS of Spring storms that has added tons of snow, ... up there.... not down here.  Yesterday snowed to beat the band for a hour or so, but never stuck at all, here in Redmond...
I am much, much better and find that if i actually get UP and move about, doing something i feel better, who knew???
Will Spring EVER get here?  We are supposed to have 60 degree weather by the end of next week, i certainly hope so... folks in Iowa have 4-6 inches in last couple of days, they even had to plow out the walk ways, geez.....
There are little buds on bushes here and about, but they stall and then stay as they are... crocus was up, but so cold they closed up again....
read John Grisham- Camino Island, the world pf rare books, pretty good and interesting
also Stranded by Bracken Macleod, will be looking for more of his book, that was a thriller taken place in the Arctic Sea and i just about froze while reading it!!  Got both at Fred Meyer...
Well Take Care All and God Bless, let us hope that the week end will bring us SPRING!!!


  1. Winter sure di show up late this year, on both sides of the mountains. Love the snowy Sisters

  2. Do not know about Carol and the kids, but we got about 10 inches at my place, although in fairness, hard to tell what was falling and what was blowing! Fierce weather here yesterday!

  3. There really has been a lot of snow up north this winter. I know Montana has gotten record amounts. But I still like our sunshine down here in AJ. Don't have to shovel it. Glad you are feeling good.

  4. I find moving around is a great way to feel better. Also glad I have no snow stories:)