Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Blooms

Mom's Lentin rose... So special when it blooms and then stay most of the summer.... so a good thing for the garden for color.
Been busy  :) well relatively so, got things done. Running about for chores and to visit two friends in Bend. Found some books on my list at Barnes and Noble.....
Today was stamp club near Bend and then to Madras to take pictures for a friend for her father's 90th birthday, lots of people showed up!! they have a HUGE family, there were 5 kids and then two of them had 8 and 9 kids each and two for 2 of the others. so LOTS of grandkids and even greats now... so weird to see these little kids be grown, even a grandpa who is one year younger than Brian!!! I remember taking them both to the Ice Capades in Portland....
It was a nice day today, overcast, BUT only needed a sweater!!
Take Care All and safe travels to all who are headed North or East.....


  1. My few flowers are trying to bloom but not until they shake off that subzero winter they just survived.

  2. Busy lady! Bet you collapsed when you got home!

  3. Our cactus are starting to bloom down here and the juniper trees are causing everyone's allergies to go nuts. However, the flowers and green aren't going to last long because we've had no rain in forever. Sure could use some. Glad to hear you're staying busy and out of trouble - maybe. lol