Wednesday, August 1, 2018


 these sunflowers are just volunteers... i never plant them, think they come from the birdseed i put out all year long!!!  So, one never knows exactly where they are going to come up... Surprise!!!
This year they were in driveway near where i have the little pickup or else out on the berm between sidewalk and street... so they really don't get an awful lot of water or none at all where the pick up sits.... weird, if i just leave them alone they do fine!
The things i nuture and give tons of water on these hot days, keel over...... but then i grow only things that flourish in my yard, other things that don't bloom get pulled out or just out and out die....
 and my stargazers below are a favorite, they were late this year and worried about them.. and they don't have as many blooms as normal, but enough.... they are so pretty, but then they don't last very long... sad.

Per the news last nite we have had 22 days of temps in the 90's... it has been awful, when it gets 86 inside the house it is pretty miserable, my fans have been going non-stop

poor Brian comes in exhausted at the end of the day, but he is keeping himself hydrated... after his little episode... maybe mom knows a thing or two... hahahaha

You know i was sitting here thinking about the weather and come to the conclusion that i sure complain alot, too hot, too cold, too windy.... but today is turning out nice!!!! only 78 right now at 11:30am and that is bearable..... not a thing to complain about

Those fires here and about are terrible, i just can't imagine having to go thru that

Just LOVE these flowers, always a joy when they are in bloom

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. Been a hot hot hot summer. Hydration is essential. Your flowers are so beautiful. Full of color.