Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bend Leaves

 Went to Bend yesterday to get 'cookies' for the doglets... home made, healthy bits out of peanut butter, or veggies.... different shaped... incentive for good behavior..... well i try...
Went to Costco too, they had a new Wilbur Smith novel, he is co-authoring now, one would assume as he is really aging, but excited to see if it is 'up to par'
And there were all of these cool colored trees, so many different kinds, have no idea what they are!!

And what in the world are these?

 These beautiful red ones are by the middle school on
Cooley Rd..
And had to turn around and go back to get these, together i thought they looked cool...

THEN last nite i chipped a tooth, won't even say how, it was SO stupid, teeth are for eating NOT for trying to bite anything but food..... a bicuspid on upper right, looks really great, the whole front of it just fell right off!!!


Back to Bend today to have it checked and tomorrow have to get up and be in Bend, yet again!! at the clinic at 7am!!!  Anyone who knows me, it is quite the stretch!!! and YES, i have to have yet another crown!!!!
These leaves are in the front yard, they swirl in front of the garage door and end up inside the garage if i am not diligent.  they are from those stupid trees in the BACK yard.....


did i tell you that Luci is having teeth cleaned and with her heart murrmurr apparently it is a big deal and she had to have another ultrasound and blood and urine workup.  Since 3 mos ago her heart has enlarged and the murrmurr sounds worse, not alot but noticible and she is now on heart meds, AND the blood work came back that her liver is not functioning per normal and has to have another med for that... i mean....
there is nothing appearing wrong with her, she just goes around as per normal... i want to be realistic in her care, but not go to extreme measures and do not yet, consider this extreme, but at what point is it?  I suppose surgery would be the point for me.... i just feel lucky that i am financially able to withstand all of this, so far... She is such a dear and companion (when she is not peeing on my floor in a pique of nastiness getting back at me for some perceived wrong i have done her... probably for not jumping up the 10,000th time that she wanted out today....)
Such a travel partner when i was in the RV.. so many, many memories.... our dear, dear babies...

Take Care and God Bless, hope you are enjoying the Fall bounty

OH, OH, oh..... we ALSO had snow on the mtns at about the 8,000 ft level, it cleared off this morning and was clear and bright blue all day and froze last nite, will try to get a pic of them in the morning....


  1. The tree with the crazy looking spiny ball, there is a nut inside I had one in my yard in NJ a very long time ago. The red leaves are just gorgeous and when you took the orange in front of it it was absolutely awesome

  2. I believe the tree with the crazy looking ball is a Sycamore tree. I have three large ones by my driveway I would love to get rid of. Straight line winds pulled the other 100' Sycamores out of the ground like weeks 10 years ago and cleared my bank. Do you ever hear and see bark that pops off the tree?

    1. Google/Blogger needs an edit button for comments ... change "weeks" to "weeds" .. LOL

    2. NO!! never heard of that, on those sycamore trees? those trees were in front of Pet Express in Bend, about 20 miles from me and at a higher elevation, not that, that makes a difference.. but...

  3. Love all you fall colors, excellent pictures.