Sunday, March 3, 2019

More Snow...

Because i am sure no one else has snow... haha
this was a couple days ago, at the end of most of the snow, now it is off most of the trees, and is packing down, turning to ice and just plain freezing in place.
have anxiety about snow and ice dams on the roof.  Went around and with a shovel n tried to knock off the ice cycles  and some of the snow at the edges of the roof.  which is fun because you are standing in 2 feet of snow and trying to swing the shovel over your head then dodging what comes down off the roof.  because the shovel is not all that long and a person has to get fairly close to the overhang... it is really a fun thing to do, try it sometime!!!

It is pretty, but that only goes so far.... and lasts so long.  until you have to get out into it and actually try to do something.. like actually having to get to work, or feed livestock and keep them with water that is not frozen solid

Fed the birdies and need to get to the  feed store and get more seeds for them and some of the suet stuff too, they really seem to like that... get some fat into them
have only been out to the grocery store twice.... Am feeling a little penned in and am dreaming of driving somewhere, seeing something... and of course that will be awhile until roads are clear.   Hwy 97 is clear but ALL of the side roads are a virtual mess.  Intersections are lumped up areas of frozen snow, that the snowplows were unable to dislodge..
On Facebook there was an snowplow in Alaska that had a shield they put down when going past driveways so that they did not create a huge berm at the end of peoples driveways, put it down when going past a drive then lift it when past so the snow can again be shoved to the side, why can't all snowplows have such a device?  apparently they care for their fellow citizens and their overall health in trying to get out and dislodge piles of ICE from their driveways so that they may get out, to go to, say- the doctors office or hospital, when struck with heart attacks from getting the snow removed from their sidewalks and driveways and cars.....
BUT by the end of next week the weather forcast is for 40 degrees.... am SO looking forward to that, at this point....

Take Care All and God Bless

Stay warm, hydrated and not over exercised.....


  1. So THAT's where all my snow is ... it's in Oregon !!! That a LOT of snow you are dealing with.

  2. I saw that snow plow thing they use in Alaska. It would save so much grief when the snow and ice are sitting at the end of the driveway and no amount of breaking it up cleans it all off. I am still trying to wear down some at the sides of the drive and I have three inches or more of ice at the end of the drive. Oh, for spring!