Thursday, May 2, 2019

Spring on 26th

 Above are, i call them magnolia.. am pretty sure that is not really what they are, the ones i saw in San Diego were on trees and MUCH larger... these are mine and they are the 1st thing that blooms in my yard
After 3 years this year was the 1st year the quince bloomed... so very pretty, i think it was saving up for a really good show, which it put on this year!
there are the STUPID things that fall off the trees in the back, they just look gross, but they dry up and become compost in the yard pretty fast, the little casing things, are around for quite awhile and stick to everything, feet, dogs, whatever
AND the mushrooms, i try and try to get rid of them and this year there are LOTS, think it was all the snow we had and the wetness, but they are just ALL over and i keep hatching them off with the shovel....

 brian says i am just spreading the spores all over and will then get more, but i can't stand them....
thsose and the dandelions, and i know i am supposed to let those stay for the bees, wellllll they can just go to the neighbors yard, there are LOTS of them over there, i hatch up then too!!!

Love this little tin, well, it is not really that little, but it is blue and really cute

and the lovely tulips that i get more and more of every year.  they were here when i moved in.

aren't they pretty with the grape hyacynth... am pretty sure the spelling is wrong on that, but......

we are doing better and better everyday, well, should say Brian is.  We got Carl back yesterday in a very beautiful wooden box with forgetmenots carved in the lid....
It is quiet here, his presence in missing, there is a hole or vacuum in the house where he was.
But i did not have to put up my little fence this year to keep him out of the tulips and iris beds.. one of his very favorite places to relieve himself..

Take Care and God Bless


  1. Your yard is always so pretty! I did get a few bulbs up this year that the squirrels did not eat over the winter......nothing like you. The good news is the Lily of the Valley are looking pretty hardy....waiting for blooms.

  2. You are correct. It is a Star Magnolia tree. And your tulips are perfect!