Saturday, July 13, 2019

Quilt Show

This little girl was selling, fabric dog bones and water!!

Thought this was neat, lots of left over material?

And this one was just beautiful and king size too..

Oh, i am excited!!! Just figured out how to get verbiage in between pics when transferring them from my phone....and how to use the spell check!!! COOL!!!

Just thought the doxie quilt was special, it was on the City Hall..  It was a nice day, windy, which cools the sweat on your brow,  was in the 80's, and then the sun beats own on all the pavement, all traffic was diverted around Sisters, and was backed up forever!!! BUT my niece has already shown me an easy way to get to their house a back way and NOT have to go into town at all.  Parked at her house, then walked to Stitchin Post.. only about 6 blocks?? i think... which is doable.  Downtown is blocked so everyone can walk up and down the streets, with no traffic, which is cool.  I remember in years past having to dodge traffic and backing up to get pics, you had to be sure to NOT step into traffic.  even tho it is going at a snails pace, you still don't want to step into the road when there are cars there!!!!
The 2nd picture is the end of the Stitchin Post and features quilts made by employees...
Lots was going in there, there were people sitting out there wares for sale, like a woman had beautiful wooden boxes.  The library was having a book sale, everyone trying to get a piece of the pie  :)

Take Care All and God Bless