Friday, July 19, 2019

Twin Rocks

Got to go to the beach again!!!  Feel so very lucky. And this time got to go with my niece, Sacia, Great niece Chloe and son Brian... Not often we get to get together all at once.  Brian was off work, Sacia is out of school for the summer as is Chloe. And up from So Cal... So i took her to Twin rocks/Rockaway area.  My parents honeymooned in Rockaway in 1946 and the family has been going back ever since.  We even lived in Garibaldi/Tillamook from when i was 3 years old to the middle of my 4th grade.  Dad was a log truck driver as i have mentioned before

We could not check in to our motel, Ocean Rogue in Twin Rocks until 4pm so when we got to the area took them to the Bar View Jetty and they flew a kite and walked towards the end of the jetty.

It really is a lovely area and the weather was just about perfect, even right on the beach!!! You can see in the far distance Twin Rocks and the headland is NeahKahNee Mtn

Here were are at Twin Rocks. Chloe does adore her cousin Brian.. and this is as close to a smile as he does....
Everyone needs someone to adore them

Rainbow!!!  No matter, you always can get different views here, never the same... some come out better than others..

Love when the pools are like this when the tide is out.

Little bit of sun on the ocean

The rocks in the distance are Cape Meares...
I took some time and Luci and i just went down to the beach and laid out on the loose, dry sand and soaked up the sound of the waves and the sun shinning down.. People came and went and as long as they did not come near, Luci just laid there half on and half of me and was content to soak the sun too... was there for about 1 1/2 hours then the clouds came and it got somewhat chilly, so back to the room...
the only part not really happy about was that the place where i normally stay is no longer privately owned, the place you call- Vacasa is not familiar with the place at all and are not even in Oregon, and i could not remember the numbers, got #6 and it was in the back and there was no view of the ocean when you were in the room... ALSO on a Monday and tuesday things are NOT open, even in the middle of the summer!!! and there were very few restaurants open!!! We had to scramble for meals or go back 1/2 hour to Tillamook to a Fred Meyer.... which no one wanted to do... we managed, but it was not as charming as it might otherwise have been,..
BUT a good time was had by all and it was special to spend time with everyone.

We are in for some hotter weather, the 1st of the year!!! I know!!! and it is no where near what they are having in the midwest or back east, just into the low 90's since getting back have been busy cleaning things (house, clothes, u know), watering yard, reading am into a Craig Johnson, the 1st Longmire.. NO!!! saw it on netflix but have never read the books, not far into it, but i like the way he writes and the characters are so funny, just like on TV... crocheting... OH and trying to fix my toilet, yet again, geez, what a chore, impossible, the inner working i am sure were invented by a man!!!

Take Care and God Bless


  1. My goodness Chloe has sure grown. Your pictures are wonderful

  2. Even with no view from the room it looks like you had a wonderful time. And you got some great pictures. Both Rocky and Skitz are 15. Getting old like me.