Wednesday, September 4, 2019


My dear, dear Luci i am afraid can't hear.... She stays in her bed until i am all the way in the house and in the middle of the living room before she is aware i am home.
And this morning someone rang my door bell (she was sitting in the chair right beside me) and she did not hear it at all.. and she did not even become aware someone was talking to me, a strange voice. Both things would normally set her off.
Sooo it does NO good to yell at her!! When she is doing something wrong.  I think she can tell by my body language that i want her to go out or feed her...  :-)  i have been paying attention to my movements and i normally do the same thing when doing both things, fling my arm in the air in the direction of the door.
She does bring her head up when i do a sharp whistle, when she is outside and want her near me or to come in.... so we will get along...
Don't think she needs to go to the vet immediately, as what are they going to say, yes, she can't hear..?
I feel kind of bad, it is a progression
Take Care and God Bless

my niece and her daughter, my great-niece? came for a visit last night, brought me some of their garden veggies... Yummmm


  1. Pur Skitz has also lost her hearing. No reason to ho to the vet because they cant do anything. Eating is not a problem for our chunky girl. She always seems to know when we open the fridge. Lol pur Rocky is also losing his hearing. It's really peaceful now when somebody comes to the door.

  2. Sad about Luci, visits and veggies happy!