Friday, October 4, 2019

New Crop

There is a new crop in Central Oregon this year!!

Industrial hemp!!  Yep... there has been lots of controversy . did not really understand, until i got out of the car to take pictures and got a good wind ladened  whiff.... Oh my gosh does it ever smell!!! don't think i could stand living next door to it either if the wind was blowing my way, which i am sure it is bound to do at some point or another. Some of the fields in the tumalo area about 7 miles west of Bend, nw maybe... got decimated by a hail storm, just little sticks were left.  they lost thousands of dollars.. wonder if they can get crop insurance?  there is a lot of hands needed in the harvest i guess.. It does look really rather odd, doesn't it?
there was also a story on the news about farmers having a difficult time getting hay for horses and cattle in the area as many of the hay farmers put in hemp!  If it is like this all over, there will be a glut on the market?? As they made when mint 1st went in a number of years ago.  the mint eventually developed a blight and had to be replaced... wonder if this is tender stuff?? at least the mint smelled good while it was growing.....
Oh.... and that smell stayed with me FOREVER it seemed even after i was long gone from the area it could still smell it, it just stays with you..
Take Care and god Bless all


  1. Hemp smells wonderful, different noses, different poses. As for mint, a cup of tea at night makes one sleep like a contented baby. I wonder what the hemp end product will be used for. My hair dresser sells hemp oil and swears by it for pain relief. Awfully expensive though; guess I'll continue to pain.

  2. That little bit of fence doesn't look secure enough to keep out the thieves. I wonder what they use for security?

  3. My brother gave me a small bottle of hemp oil which I've used a few times. I don't notice one bit of difference, so I wonder if some people get benefit from it more than others.