Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Blue River

We went on a road trip today!! Brian wanted to go to Christmas Treasures!!!   And i jumped at the chance to get out of town and foster his interest in Xmas!!
This on the South Santiam on the way to Eugene...

It was a really beautiful day.. this looks foggy, but it is just dirty window and sun reflection... You can't get him to stop at anything extra and i was just along for the ride.  Luci went to and was very good, no whining at all, but then i held her most of the time...

 These are life sized and really cool!!!
I did not get any pics of us together or inside!!! Geez, why not? Guess i was just overwhelmed.... It is just all things xmas, they had just gotten in a whole shipment of those nesting Russian Dolls, out of wood and hand painted. they are so very neat, i have 4-5 of them i have gotten over the years. My fav is on of santa with his sled dogs i got in Wrangel, AK and ones that are not nesting but have chimes in them....

This was a neat Patriotic Santa, Americana !!!

Hog rock in the background.... a fire went thru here a couple years ago, lost a beautiful old growth forest, in most places there are lots of little trees coming up, it is good to see..

Excuse the pics. all taken driving down the road thru the windows, which were dirty....
Mtn above was Mt Washington

It was a good day

Take Care and God Bless


  1. Sounds like a fun day. All that Christmas stuff.

  2. Thanks for taking some great photos in Oregon. One of my favorite parts of the USA.