Monday, December 2, 2019


I am home.... drove 16 hours!! Yesterday... was not as exhausted as i thought i would be.  Rained horrible from Sacto to Redding... the still rained over Shasta, but not as it had earlier.  There was roadside snow and you could tell alot had been shoveled aside.  Then magically at Weed it all changed, dried up, sun was out...   Snow in KFalls some on the road.... then could not tell if it was icy or not but traffic was moving at least... At Sunriver it all changed again and was slow driving... worst roads were in Bend and Redmond!!!

Brian was watching for me and opened garage door as i pulled up, (9p) he took in a couple of my bags before i got things together and Luci was beside herself smelling them and knew i was somewhere near, then saw me and was just crazy!!!!  She is happy now to be right by my side and wants me to just sit and pet and talk to her.....

It is 35 and sunny.. very bright with the sun bouncing off the snow.  Need to go to grocery as need oranges and bananas!!! Staples and get stuff for curry n rice (turkey)

Hope all is well with you and yours , Take Care and God Bless


  1. Glad you are home safe but I'm sure I'm not as happy as Luci.

  2. I enjoyed hearing about your trip!

  3. That is a long drive for one person, happy you made it home safely. Lucy may not let you leave again anytime soon :)