Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Lost & Found

Have to tell on myself... Lost my hearing aides (yes, i have them) don't always use them as they are just 'not right' and the guy i got them from is no longer where he was at my medical clinic... so don't quite know how to go about adjustments as a part of the cost.
in any case i lost them, could not find them anywhere, went thru everything, numerous times, called my niece in Calif, she looked all over and could not find them.  called the hotel in San Diego as that is the last place i saw them.  On the floor of the car, on passenger side.  The car went to valet service. while at hotel. They are in a hard case eyeglass case. Called the hotel, very nice place, the people were more than accomadating, they did call me today ( and was able to tell them i found them!!) they were really glad, as they had not found them, duh...
When we got the car back and the case was not on the floor, i just thought they were in one of the many bags.
Looked at my contract and i did have an insurance i was paying for, but it included batteries every month, and since i don't use the aides all the time (yes, i know, i am supposed to) was getting ALL these batteries, so after the 1st year i dropped it..  Great.  Thought maybe my homeowners would pay for it, they had previously paid for a camera i got sea water/sand on...
Fortunately, did not go that far.
I had called my Iowa friend, crying and feeling sorry for myself and this heavy and great loss.  and she said i needed to keep looking (where?) and niece said to check my car.. (why?) i had everything out of there, almost, so did not see the need.  WELL this morning i went out to finish getting things picked up in the car and get the final things in the house. AND the bag i had my swimsuit and cover-up in was shoved under the back seat, and LO and BEHOLD there they were in that bag!!! I have NO recollection at all of putting them in there, why would i do that? one is not associated with the other at all.  but none-the-less, there they were.  I am SO glad... what the HECK???
I really do wonder at times, where my facilities are heading...

Take Care All and God Bless, it is far greater, better, brighter day that what it started out as....


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  2. Glad you found them! Go back to the clinic where you bought them. Regardless of the audi who originally fit them to you, the new audi should do it as part of the service. Medicare does not pay for hearing aides (other than implants) or the follow p adjustments. So, depending on when you purchased them, you may still be able to get a free adjustment as part of the original service contract. Life is better with hearing aides, for you and the people who love you. I know this to be true.