Sunday, January 12, 2020


I found this, a year or so ago in a bin in the shed... not finished. what ever comes over a person to just leave something and not finish it?  I don't even have the directions anymore and took me a couple hours to  feel around and count stitches and figure out how it goes together, so i can finish, need 5 more squares and then go around a couple times.... it is a baby blanket... just hope i have enough yarn, cuz i know i will NOT b able to duplicate it...  and just LOVE Google... forgot how to do popcorn stitch, was just not coming out right, the way i thought it should go.  Well just googled 'popcorn crochet stitch' and bingo, there it was, even a video!!! and sure enough i had been doing it wrong....
the hip is doing well, soreness in the groin area and where the incision was.... my steri strips all fell off and it looks good, or ok or whatever....  am doing my exercises, walking daily.. was bitter cold wind out there today.  i even drove to starbucks saturday afternoon, as wanted to see how it would be, and went well, just sitting there and foot movement from gas to brake were all fine, as they should be, the  kicker is getting in and out... and then if i need to walk any distance, that would be a challenge.. but think by week after this coming  week i can get myself to the doc appt here in redmond and to get hair done, just down the street.  got my handicap permit, so will be able to park near a door at least and hobble my way in....
Take Care all and God Bless


  1. I had to give up crocheing do to severe pain in my hands and wrist and I sure do miss it. Sounds like you are healing really well and getting around pretty good. Happy for you

  2. The photo reminds me of the beautiful crochet work my late mother-in-law did. Thank goodness you can drive. While I can walk ok (if I watch where I put my feet), I made the mistake of giving my car to my daughter and now I won't ever gt it back.

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