Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New Book

One of my Mom's favorite authors... he writes really well, this is autobiographical.. most of his books are about life in Montana and the US Forest Service, i believe.. he has a certain cadence to his writing which was hard for me to get into at 1st but after i did, it was really good and lyrical, homey and feeling of earth to heart...

 am really feeling much, much better and better every day, stiff at 1st getting out of bed or up from the chair or out of the car, walking.  have incredible groin pain, which doc says is 'normal'.... maybe for the injury but certainly not for me!! and will be REALLY glad when that goes away.
The surgeon released me, as did the 'primary' doctor which i was really mad at, BUT i have taken the high road and today had a really good meeting with her.  nothing was brought up about the rehab place encounters/ phone calls.. and i choose to believe they said what they thought was needed to say to get me to stay there and the doctor never really said she did not want to hear from me again re:  "the issue"  sooooo that is just over and gone.... she got what she needed as did i.. have another appt in April for the yearly Medicare check-up and maybe some other treatment needed to be done re: my bones.
have been asked how or why i fell and don't really know... not icy, did not trip over anything. Thinking back i had been having issues with my hip for months.  when walking i would get half way around a couple blocks that i had been walking and would have horrible pain in the hip and leg would get numb and could barely walk to get back home.  would sit for awhile and would be ok and could get about the house ok, doing chores and what not.  soooo i think that the hip just broke and i fell, certainly hitting the sidewalk did not help it any, but am convinced that it was weak and just broke and that caused me to fall.  i have had 3 doses of Reclast over the last year and in the April appt will have to come up with some further treatment so it does not happen again... whatever that is...
We will see.... but am thankful for my relatively fast healing and things getting better every day...

Take Care and God Bless

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