Friday, May 29, 2020

Bag or not bag?

I am confused

They banned plastic bags... so we had to provide our own bags or pay for paper bags or heavy plastic ones (how are heavy ones better than thin, flimsy ones)  okay
comes Covid 19
NOW they won't even touch our dirty old bags. Don't know about you but i don't use DIRTY bags to put the food i eat in. So if you don't pay for their bags and want to use the ones they said we needed to have you have to bag your own groceries.
I don't know about you BUT i can't work my debit card, remember my PIN #, answer questions on the reader thing, cash? donate? key in code for coupons, which is my phone #, watch what they are doing, am i getting the coupon price as advertised in paper? AND bag my groceries in an order so i don't break the eggs or put the bag of oranges on top of the bread...
AND if you do decide to hell with it, yes, i will pay for the paper bags!!! they load it up so heavy you can barely lift it and they hand it to you over, around the new plastic barrier and you have to jockey around the cart in front of you to get the bag into the front part of the cart (the carts are too large where the children are to be sat to reach over and lift and place said heavy bag in bottom of the cart....)
It has become a not so pleasant task
AND when i went to Fred Meyer a week ago (for something they had that Safeway did not) there were 3 items from the person in front of me for some reason that got put in with my order, i caught two things and the third one slipped thru and saw it while putting things in bags and the total had already been run... and it was an expensive soy powder thing, worth more than $10 so i had to go to customer service to get a refund... all because i was not paying attention to what was going on, had to be bagging. ( it was a large order too as Freddy's has dishes, books, toys )
wish i had someone to go grocery shopping with me to do the bagging, lifting. And don't really want to go more often to get fewer things and not have to have so many things at once.  And maybe i need to give in and do the self check out. i just feel that they are trying to get us to do their work and am taking a job away from someone.
Need to figure out something... Need my one outing a week to be a FUN experience and not traumatic.
Take Care and God Bless, happy shopping :)


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  2. Welk, one thing is just have them put your groceries back in the cart unbagged. Push to your car and fill the bags in your trunk! It works.