Thursday, May 28, 2020


Our stamp group met for lunch today at MaryLou's wonderful park-like home.. the yard is beautiful!
Just look at our purposeful social distancing...

And then we were not.... just for the picture.  look at all of the white hair!!!
luci was there too!  she kept trying to get into the house.  don't know what was the deal. had to close the door to keep her out.  She did wander about a bit, smelling everything, and begging for scraps...

this is just a portion of the 'back yard'.... 

they had an arborist come out to check out this tree and had to have a few limbs removed, but overall healthy and he said it was over one thousand years old!!!  The base is huge!!

 Like the way the light was caught in this one... the limbs are very twisty

great tree... lovely day seeing everyone and just talking about nothing...

Take care and God Bless


  1. The tree is absolutely gorgeous! What kind is it? And what a nice looking group of ladies. I wish I had stayed in a place long enough during my lifetime to find a group to belong to.