Monday, June 1, 2020


Oh my gosh!!!! We had RAIN, thunder, lightening, hail... it was something... BUT never lasted long, not even half an hour.  I remember when i was in Iowa and Florida when it did this it would last all day or all night, on and on and on...

There was even wild winds in the Culver area, they thought it was a tornado, but from the air afterwards, there was not swirlying action, just straight lines, but boy they had phone poles down, wheel lines blown all over and into ditches and trees down all over.   Roofs gone, greenhouses ripped up. It was something.

Sometimes you could hardly see to the end of the cul de sac... everything got really soaked tho.  I took moving pictures out the front and back doors and out the back with the door open the rain and dirt just blew right in onto me... it was something, we don't usually get this violent of storms, but it came and went. Today it is sunny, little windy, but ok

Today was a chore day... had to get some health food pills D3, pick up an order of LulaRoe (haha carol, just one little thing)  Starbucks, of course, got fertilizer for the yard. And the grocery store.  Now, hopefully, i can stay home for awhile.... got oranges and bananas for 4 days, so there is that.  Today is bill paying day..... not much to say about that.

Oh... and i did clean the bathroom and did the towels and bedding... that is always fun.  even remembered to do the toilet in the utility room, always forget that.  It is not really used all that much, BUT still needs cleaned, also did the sink in the kitchen.. have a white enamel sink in there and needs to be cleaned out with comet every week or so, to keep it sparkling..... :)

We watched CNN this afternoon.. what can a person say... would have never thought that my country would come to this, and people (especially in power) seems to be clueless and looks continuously for  blame on others and photo ops... really??  he should have used an old Bible tho, to at least make the appearance that it had been opened and read at some length.  A new one did not quite put forth the story i am sure he wanted to tell.

My heart goes out to everyone ... there has to be something to do or say, convey, hope for, pray for, aspire to..............

Take Care and God Bless

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