Tuesday, September 15, 2020


You know.... i know this has not gone on forever, i just think/feel like it has... wake up and eyes are like all closed and feel RED.. throat hurts... have to use my inhaler....  brian has kept things all closed up, feel like i am in a hermetically sealed box!!!.. BUT it does not smell like smoke in here, run my difuser..     


this is a view of the sun...... can barely see

I KNOW one morning i am going to wake up and there will be blue sky and will be able to see the mountains again, let alone the end of the cul-de-sac.... :)

I am whining, i know... there are soooo may places where it is much, much worse.  i am thankful....

A few views of the area around me....

and then the wind came up yesterday and we got limbs down in the backyard again....

They said it was going to be gone monday, that came and went... and now it is Thursday,..maybe some rain.... that would be nice.... we are to go to the beach on the 24th, this is the trip that was cancelled the end of March, so hope this time, we will get there, may have to go around to Columbia River to get past all the fires and road closures.... normally would go over Mt Hood or the santiam... can barely believe that all those little towns will no longer be there...

Take Care All and God Bless

(finally got caught in the blogger haze too and it is a learning curve to get this done!!)

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  1. Oh Loree I am so sorry to see your smoky pictures and hear about the breathing problems. You must feel doubly quarantined. I'm sorry I'm late to comment and hope it has rained and that you have gotten to get out and been able to go to the beach. The natural disasters occurring all over, including this pandemic are really depressing.