Friday, November 12, 2010

Blue Angels Air Show

This was the neatest thing to see!

Left about 9am and got to Pensacola NAS about half an hour later. Wandered about looking at things, they had lots of vendors and planes sitting about, it was about 1/2 mile walk, not bad. They had the parking and driving arranged very well & cars moved right along getting out. Didn't really know where i was going, coming and leaving, but drove straight there and straight back and did not get lost to where i was not sure where i would end up :) Luci survived. The lady sitting next to me took pity on me and offered me some sun screen, which was really nice as i left mine in the truck and was burning up. Had my sweatshirt hoodie draped over me most of the time tho and was not too sweltering. I swear i don't know how those pilots do it, i would have been tossing my cookies so many times!!!! It made my stomach lurch just watching!
Got back, fixed my salad, walked Luci, then went and had an excellent pot luck and good talking with new people i met!! Everyone is paired off, no other singles here, but i don't feel too out of place, everyone is very nice.
I don't know why just sitting out there watching the show was tiring, but i am exhausted, glad i get to sleep in tomorrow :)
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Loree, you sure got some amazing pictures!! Is this the first time you have seen them? Pretty breathtaking, isn't it? And loud - LoL!!

  2. I love the noise of the Blue Angels. Maybe it's because I was raised on military bases. Some people think I'm crazy. I think the people who complain about the noise are crazy.