Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Cold Day

Welcome followers "Jeff & Sheryl Bright"!!! Nice to share the road with y'all!
Went to lunch at the Golden Palace in Gulf Breeze today with Louise from Quebec, had a really good time, she is quite interesting, you meet the most pleasant people RV'ing, maybe cuz they are doing what they want to be doing? Hope i am as interesting. It was a buffet and really quite good, and really varied in what they had - but the camera would not work, think i charged it by NOT charging it for some reason, have to investigate, so no pics for you, sorry. Stopped at one of the local groceries, Publix. Now waiting to see if i once again need propane, these cold nights are killing me!!! "Old Fat Man Adventures" says it is going to be getting warmer starting tomorrow, so i am waiting and have some hope :)
Take Care all and God Bless

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