Sunday, March 20, 2011

My snowy spot!

Well, i think the weather finally caught up with me. There is not alot of accumulation, but there is slush, coldness and continued precipitation of some sort..
We have figured it is the thermostat on the RV furnace that is not working, it will not work on 50, blows cold air, but then works on 70 and will not turn off, just keeps running. Soooo, have to get that fixed. Part ordered and delivered. Still looking at the generator to see what is up with it.
AND am probably here until the weather clears a bit. Know it is not snowing at lower elevation, more than likely, but have to watch the winds... Can it not be nice for just a couple days for me to get home? At some point in the near future?


  1. That doesn't look good. Winter is just not going to let go easily this year I think!!

  2. It's probably still winter in Bend, too? Guess we all need to go east to experience spring weather.