Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, i swear we had 6" of snow last night. woke to a wonderland. But then i did not have to shovel or get it off the driveway as the guys around here had to do!
And Bonnie Bounder is not too happy either. She is shrouded in snow and ice. And her furnace is struggling along, think will have to have a new circuit board as it does not stay heating as it should, does then doesn't :) then does again, then just cold air, soooo. And definitely needs a carburetor for the generator. The poor thing. My poor pocketbook. Good thing am on the way home.
Has been snowing off and on all day so far, but with no accumulation.
Looking at ''Travels with Moho' going through Weed, and all the snow, want to hold off a couple days to see if some of that goes away, boy howdy, there was alot of snow! Have to wait for parts anyway.

Then look at the Spring blossoms at the Valley floor!

View out the window this morning. Brrrrr...................
Take Care All & God Bless, stay warm......


  1. I am pretty certain I recall you saying that you wanted to be warm in the winter but that you also missed the snow! Ironic that you have ended your maiden voyage with snow!!

  2. Or you could title yer post, "Spring Ain't Sprung." Fer now will ya just stay out west, the weather back here in Florida is nice, and Nilda wants it to stay that way.

  3. Brrrrrrr! Makes me cold just to look at that. Sure seems winter is wanting to hang on this year.

  4. I liked the snow scene but am glad it's not us with all that outside. We did get a bit this morning though. Too bad our paths didn't cross awhile back. I think we were kinda close a few times but when we're on the move our tracks are always a bit confusing., even to us. Maybe catch you next winter:))