Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Shelves

Brother Jerry came over with his wife, Rita and they put up the 1st of shelves in the garage! Am SO happy, makes such a difference! to get things up off the floor. He also took away the old book self like ones that were in there, plus other things i did not want. They are going to have a garage sale. They have said that ever since they have been together, over 20 years now!! They keep accumulating things :) Someday will have to help them out taking care of all the 'stuff'
Think i could almost get the car in there, but have to get the frig moved to the other side so i can open the driver's side door. And that means a huge shelf needs to come down to make room for it, which is just beyond what u see in the picture. It is another funky shelf, 3 tiers, that holds lumber. It is weird what the guy that owned the house b4 me had in there, And hooks screwed into every surface to hang things off of. Think he needed to hang something or get something out of the way and he put in a hook. I can't think of that many things that i would want to have hanging. It is weird.....
Hot, hot here, been watering everything about the place and the water just soaks in. OOPS, except for Brians new little plants in his room, they were sorry things hanging/drooping over the edges of the pots, my name was MUD!!!!
Take Care all, stay cool....


  1. It's so organized. That's impressive.

  2. That's a good job done. It's been hot here, too, but supposed to be ten degrees cooler tomorrow--only in mid-eighties.