Monday, September 12, 2011

Full Moon in Central Oregon

The moon always looks much better/larger in person than when i try to get a picture of it, but u get the idea. This was last night.
Today it got to 95, next two days in the 80's, then down to 70's and close to freezing at night. Don't know if i can't wait or i dread it!!! Just tired of the silent heat and still hot nights and the smoke that seems to lay around town. It is eerie. Don't feel like moving, let alone DO anything. Tomorrow is a town day, have to get both dogs nails trimmed, Carl a bath, get dog food, go to post office, stop at the heating oil place as they can't seem to understand what i need ??? What! Also have to get the TV guy back to hook up dvd players and TV in Brian's room as we can't seem to figure it out, and since i am paying for TV in there, it should work! And, NO, can't seem to figure them out myself.
Oh, brother found the alternator in the Bounder! Apparently it is accessed from the inside. A portion of the dash or the hump between the driver and passenger seats lifts up to access part of the motor, so he is working on getting it out. Probably be more motivated when it cools down around here, as it is brutal out there in the RV with no AC :)
Take Care all!!


  1. The cooling is coming, we are in the midst of a breezy, noisy thunderstorm here in Rocky Point. maybe it can move north and blow some of your smoke away.

  2. The picture is amazing. We are having our cool down starting tomorrow. I know what you mean about not being motivated when it's so hot.