Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 Today i had an EGD (which is a scope down the throat, the name of which is really long) Everything looked, or so i was told, was really loopy and sleepy until about 5pm.  Have a hyiatal (sp) hernia, which they will fix when i have the surgery.  Still have to loose 10# and this last week did not go towards helping that! Altho i feel i made good choices, there were tiny lapses here and there. But am back on track now...
Also have sleep apnea, which am going to get the equipment for on Friday.  Geez, am i falling apart?  they say tho after the surgery and significant weight loss, this will go away... Feel that will be a good thing.
It is good being home and getting everything in order again, everything where it belongs.
Still have to get the car washed, it is REALLY buggy!! And go to the grocery, have no bananas...
Take care all and God Bless


  1. That's great that they can fix the hernia at the same time as the surgery. Get rid of that 10 lbs and get better soon.

  2. I think we all feel like we are falling apart, aches and pains and reading glasses and all kinds of fun stuff that the doctors find.

  3. Hang in there, as we use to say, you can do that last ten pounds standing on your heads:)