Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3

 Above  the ubiquitous picture of Cannon Bch.
We had to drive to Astoria looking for a Wal-Mart as neither one of us remembered to bring our paper cutter!!  It is rather hard to do stamping if you can't cut paper in a clean line!! :( And guess what?  There is NO Wal-Mart!!  Only in Longview, Wa which was one and a half hours away! From Astoria!!
 So we decided to try Fred Meyer in Astoria AND ran across  JoAnn's that had a sale!!!  Half OFF their cutters, we EACH got one!  But this gave us the opportunity to go to many beaches between Garabaldi & Astoria.  Just stopped here and there and went for little walks.  It was fun. Been to most all of them b4, BUT they are always different in their own way.
Do NOT eat at Dooger's in Astoria. I always forget that and ALWAYS come away thinking i have to remember to NOT go there!!  Not very satisfying at all. Nice place, nice people, even tho the waitress left us sitting there and never did give us a bill!
It rained off and on all day, so some beaches were wet, some were sunny.  It is certainly NOT the beach "Sherry" is sitting by on the gulf of Florida :)
Take Care All & God Bless one and ALL.....


  1. If I HAD to choose one place to live in this great country, I think I would pick Astoria, Oregon.

    I went through Girabaldi and I'm trying to remember the name of the restaurant that was supposed to be so good. It was closed the day I was there. It's right in the marina parking lot and has a pirate hanging from a rope. People in Tillamook told me I had to eat there. I did see a somewhat fancier restaurant on the main road--I'm thinking that may have been Pirate's Cove. My curiosity has the best of me.

    Have a great time! So much to do up in that area!

  2. We love Astoria, but you are correct, no Walmart there. Have to go all the way to Newport for that. Astoria has Costco, Fred Meyer, JoAnn's and other good places.

  3. That top picture is outstanding!

  4. I agree with Judy - wonderful capture.

    We ate at the Bridgewater Bistro in Astoria, even though I normally shun anything that says "bistro" lol! It was VERY good, but a little spendy.

  5. Beautiful! I'm heading that way in .. well? whenever... but I"m heading that way! great pictures!