Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 4

 OOps the town sign did not come thru.  This is Wallace, KS.  When i saw this on the map i had to go as my mom's maiden name was Wallace, so those places are always interesting to me.  this was a very depressed little town.  Someone was even living in the Bank!!!

Then i had to go to the fort, and there was no longer a fort as such, but a museum and that was interesting.  There was a separate room inside for a guys 'stuff' sorry don't remember his name,  but he got a Geiger counter one xmas and made good use of it by exploring the area around where he lived in Wallace County.  This involved quite a bit of study, investigation and history.  He had one display of where Custer camped, found all kinds of things, bullets, buttons, epaulets and all manner of things. The articles were all in shadow boxes with his own hand written explanation of where and how he found things throughout the county.  This buffalo was made of barbed wire!!!
 Then i drove another 50 miles to see these ROCKS. They were great just sticking up out of the ground, one would assume the land was all at this height and all has been eroded away save these...
  I wanted me in a picture that showed the ROCKS, guess i got it, but rather weird of me,  note it was 102 today in this part of Kansas!!!!  i forgo camping and am again in AC hotel room this time the Baymont Inn which i might add was have the price of the Comfort Inn of last night, no dog fee and they gave me a senior discount AND the toilet is clean!!!

 These sunflowers by the side of the road will always remind me of Kansas,  note the dry, dead looking background also, this is Kansas..... Am in Hays right now and it appears to be getting more farming and a little greener,  prior to this they were trying to grow corn and it was not doing too awful well, not even as high as the fence yet.... looked stunted.  Where there was water on it, it looked alot better and was much higher!!!  Take Care All, hope you are cooler!!!!!


  1. Love that first shot! Have fun in Kansas.

  2. Really like those rocks just kind of sticking up there in the middle of no where. Montana looks as dry as KS - it's all turning into a desert. Sure wish we'd get some rain.

  3. Great pictures, Loree. I am having so much fun traveling along with you. I'm glad you made the decision not to stay in your car during the 102 degree weather. First it's too cold, then it's too hot! :)

  4. Love your photos. Wallace sure seems like a depressed little town. Don't wear red shoes or click your heals when your in Kansas!!!

  5. Not sure I am in any big hurry to travel back to Kansas, Loree! Whew, that's hot and dry. I do love the photo of you, however, those self portraits are always so silly and so much fun. Have you ever been to Wallace, Idaho? I used to live there. It has a great mining history, you would love it.

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