Friday, July 13, 2012

Third Day

 Was fortunate in that i got to stop & meet fellow blogger Jeana of "Four Windows With a View"  We had a great chat and were like old friends just right away!!! This is she in front of her RV which is REALLY nice!!!

Not alot of flowers and then u have to be able to have a place to pull over when u actually SEE them and u are supposed to be watching the road and not the side of the road, right??
 The sky really looked ominous between Twin Falls and Utah!!
 This a lake Rockport near Park City that i spent my first night at, a state park.

2nd day made it to Rocky Mountain National Park, have wanted to see it in forever., and it was spectacular and nabbed a campsite right away only a couple miles inside the park.  Oh and the Senior Pass is  GREAT to have  was free to get in then 1/2 price on a tent spot so only $10, which saved me all kinds of money for the turquoise bracelet i HAD to have at a gift shop :)

This the view out my side door of my site in the park
 They have the wonderful trail that you drive around the park high, high up over 14,000 feet!!!  Lots mountains and valleys to see.  This was on the 3rd day

Awoke to visitors in the park!!!!

I have learned to pay attention, sorry to that person in Arvada, Co i almost ran into, u have to look to the left when going left to the gas station, even if u might be close to empty.
There was a sign on one small valley that had deep deep walls of rock and lovely stream at the bottom, " If flooding occurs climb out of danger" Well, yes, i suppose one would.
Wild flowers only grow in places where there is absolutely NO place to pull over and inches from a 10,000 ft drop-off!
Two days sleeping in the back of the car is alot!! Last night it got pretty cold too!

Take Care and God Bless All
This is truly a wondrous place we live in, The United States of America!!

And for Judy... "The End"


  1. You are making great time, and seeing lots of things besides! I love Rocky Mountain National Park and want to plan another trip there. Safe travels, Loree!

  2. Great pictures...what a view. Nice that you got to meet Jenna. Hope you are doing okay sleeping in the car. Take care and have fun.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. Loved "the end".

  4. You are really covering some territory, girl! Great photos. Just have to say it was great to see a photo of Jeana since I have followed her for some time now, nice that you could meet. Also, it was great to see such a cute photo of YOU on the wheel life blog! Made me laugh, bloggers don't often post photos of themselves but their friends do!