Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Smith Rocks

 Another Smith Rocks view.
Finishing up packing and cleaning today.  Like to leave a clean house, altho i don't live in a fantasy world where i think it will be clean when i return :)
Am on my way to Iowa, thru Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri then up to Iowa, taking my time, seeing some sights i hope, altho rather worried about leaving Luci in the car while i go in to see things, which i will not be able to do if it is too hot. Be in the Element, NOT taking RV. Have a memory foam pad back there to stay in State Parks is my plan, but the plans are VERY flexible :)
(Hopefully) Staying until after Labor Day and may come back thru Montana, not sure on that yet.....
 Just leaving you with some pretty pictures of places i saw on the drive Sunday
 Take care and God Bless all.
May be awhile b4 i can blog depending on my ability to set up the Wifi on my new Verizon phone :)


  1. Loree, thanks for sharing all the great photos! Have a good trip, and don't push yourself too hard. Hope you find some cooler weather. Stay safe.

  2. Sounds like a plan! Pretty free and easy, I like it! Drive safe and have fun. Looking forward to your trip posts! :)

  3. Can't wait to hear and see all about your trip!!! Wow, you are gutsy to stay in the back of your Element....take care and stay safe!!!

  4. That sounds like a fun trip, Loree. I'll look forward to reading your blog when/if you can post along the way. Travel safely and stay cool!

  5. We're thinking of taking a car trip to Carson City, NV to see our older daughter's new home. But we'll motel it on the way. The back of our Suzuki just won't do!

  6. Lovely pictures Loree. Why aren't you taking the RV?? Seems like it would be easier in the heat. I know Luci will be happy when she sees she's going. I always liked to leave my house clean and come home to find it that way after a long trip. But now it just goes with me so no worry. Safe travels.