Friday, August 10, 2012


Oh, my land, these little things are out in FULL force and make the most horrendous noise.  They are so plentiful and loud over at Darah's house, they make your ears ache.  Seems after the rain of a couple days ago, they started flourishing and are here at Carol's house too,  Setting up a chorus to beat the band.  They are in full voice, then all of a sudden they all stop at once, how do they do that, why is there not just one that will keep it up while all the rest are silent???  Suppose there is a scientific reason, but to us laymen, it is a mystery!!!  But it is definitely the sound of Summer in Iowa!!
(this pic was from the National Geographic website)


  1. I lived in DC when the seven year locust came out. You couldn't even hear yourself think. And you could hear them squish under your tires. It was horrible.

  2. Those cicadas are something else. I was in Illinois one summer around 1974 when they were out in full force. I had never seen or heard anything like it and have never experienced it again.