Wednesday, August 8, 2012

LeClaire, Iowa

 A couple years ago we had a great time here at Grasshoppers, this time, not so much..  the place had a look of neglect and the staff were very abrupt and uncaring. This is the backyard
 This is the street side.. not as many home made things either.

Liked all the angles of the different roofs and that top thing, a cornice?  not sure what it is called
 Many of the buildings are brick.  They used to have a CUTE little pet shop in a funky house, but it is no longer there. 
 Thought this was darling!!! on the garage.  that someone took the time to make this wall in an alley look cute and smart!!!
 Railroad tracks run along the back of the main street and along the Mississippi, that land on the far side is Illinois!!! Liked the window toppers and all of the work on the roof ledge.
 Then there are all the places in America that people proclaim their patriotism,  even right here on Main Street, LeClaire!!!
 This weekend is the TUG where there are a group of people on the Iowa side and a like group on the Illinois and a HUGE rope strung across the Mississippi and they do a tug of war,  who wins!!!  There are THOUSANDS of people that show up for it.  they were already setting up a carnival along the banks of the Mississippi, Which does not really sound all that appealing, but would be fun to see the actual Tug, could you get that close !!!!
The town has street lights too.  Those are neat to see in a town.  When i was in Pensacola they had old street lights from England.  They were neat looking with that wavy glass in them.  So I look for those type things in a town, yes, i do, as i have nothing else to think about i guess :)  But they are neat to see.
LeClaire is also home of "The Pickers" should you watch that show in TV.  We did not go there this time as had been there a couple years ago.  Been there, done that, eh??  We saw it while passing and looked like they were busy, cars meaning customers. Good thing.

Still and overcast today, lots of bird song.  Luci got me up at 7:42a, peed/pooped/ate now she is back asleep and i am up, can no longer sleep.  Geez!!

Take Care ALL and God Bless, have a great day!!


  1. Loree, there are so many things to see and do, wherever you go, and you are out seeing and doing. Good for you!

  2. So sad that Grasshoppers has fallen into disrepair and rudeness. Times are tough and you would think that they would work even harder to keep customers happy. Great pictures. Wish I could see things like you do when I'm out and about but I just don't notice. Working on that but most times I just wander. I love it when the nights are colder cause the girls stay in bed under all the covers longer in the morning.

  3. I like to look at old street lights, too, and also the details on buildings. I'm always stopping to take a picture of something or other.

  4. Nice pictures Loree. I'm sorry about Grasshoppers. Now they've lost a customer. What are they thinking? Did it change hands, have a new owner??

    Had to laugh at your tale/tail of Luci. Dogs do that all the time. Get you up to take them out and then they go right back to sleep and there you are AWAKE! The price of companionship I guess.

  5. I bet that mural of the cow took a long time to paint. It's cute.

  6. So sorry to hear Grasshoppers went 'down hill'. One would think if they had a good thing going the owners would try to maintain the business or even improve it. Probably high gas prices and less travel has lots to do with the downhill slide of the customer base. Love the cow on the barn!