Monday, September 24, 2012

Anatomy of a Shed!!

 Here they are.  showed up at 7:30am!!  Yes, i had to get up early to be ready for them. Moved the cars and garbage cans into front yard so they would have easy access to the back yard.
leveling and putting floor on skids. Everything is in the backyard.
 Getting the door ready. I had OUTBUILDERS come to install.  They have been very good i do believe. Were friendly, yet very professional.  Took a break to play with Carl and Luci when they were out for a potty break :)
 Getting the walls ready
 More walls
 All the trusses are up! and the walls
 It is 8 x 14 and 10 feet high
 Here it is!!!!  All done! Looks really great, but am going to need a ramp to get the lawn mower stowed in there.
Here is a pic of the inside, note loft in the back, figure i can 'stuff' lots up there, things u want to keep but don't need into every day or even month/year
I am happy, getting things done, now going to Lowe's to get some sunshine yellow to paint the outside, it is just primed on the outside.
Will show a pic when we get all the 'stuff' in there....    :)


  1. It's good that its tall. We had a shed built about 25 years ago, but it was not tall enough to move around in. Home Depot sells all kinds of accessories that screw into the studs for handing tools and shelves and stuff.

  2. Looks nice. You have some serious work ahead of you. Good luck with it all.