Friday, September 14, 2012

Only Noon!!

My- a person can get alot accomplished when they get out of bed early!! I know this is a recurring theme, BUT it does always amaze me. Basically because i am a slacker and LOVE to lie in bed until the time i WANT to get up!! On my own, with no alarm....
The appliance repair person was here at 9am, got the frig leveled and the ice maker working!!  Amazing when you have the right part and tool you can 'get 'er done'.  The frig in the garage has a bad compressor, would cost $500 to fix and you can get a new frig for that!  It could last 3 weeks or 3 years... keep checking it to make sure it is freezing :)
Then i went back to Bend again today as yesterday i picked out some clothes on sale at Lane Bryant and the sale did not start until today!!!  Had that mixed up, but they kept what i had, just had to go in today and complete the purchase :)  THEN to Kohl's as they are having a sale and found TWO pairs of boots and a xmas present for a friend.  Was happy...(happy dance here << >>>)
Then to the gym, yes i am going, trying to go, it is surely uphill as there are ALL kinds of things that interfere with the completion of this onerous chore..  :) (there is NOT a happy dance here)  BUT i did what i was supposed to do and here i am, NOON and everything is done, geez, i will have to find something else,  maybe vacuum and dust.................... as i sit here in my chair looking about, it could use it again.... fix some lunch, leftovers, then up and at em.............
Take Care & God Bless
Everyone have a wonderful week end....................


  1. So what does Luci think of all this morning activity? Skitz would be a nervous wreck if I was that ambitious. And going to the gym definitely is not a happy dance thing.

  2. Loree you are amazing... and an inspiration.

  3. Wow, you are on a roll!!! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Yes, I have amazed myself sometimes when I get up early and start working on things. I would say the same thing, Wow, its only noon - now what to do?