Thursday, September 27, 2012

Painting the Shed!

 Well, i am tired of doing this.  It is not easy. Suppose it should have been spray painted, BUT, i don't have access to that, so a brush is the thing, and there is a wood grain so you sort have to pounce the brush in the grain to get the paint in there, and it is ruining the brush :(.  I guess that is just the price of getting the job done with what i have on hand.  I didn't think a roller would get the paint in where it should go.
Notice how little space there is between the shed & fence?  Had i not lost weight, this would have been a real factor in my ability to squeeze in there :) and NOT get the paint all over me. Just sayin'
AND i painted as high as i can reach.
I got on that ladder to do the top hinge on the door and it was sort of scary.  In order to do the very top of the front and back i would have to stand on the very top of that ladder.  There is no one around here during the day. Neighbors work. There is the guy across the street, BUT he is inside all the time, doubt he would hear me yelling if i fell.
Told Brian he was going to have to help do the top, he thought the ladder should work for me.  I asked him "Do you really want your 65 year old mother on the TOP of a ladder in the middle of the day, with no one around here?" He thought it might be a good idea if he helped this week end :) Don't you just love children? Must we always be the lesson givers? Is there no independent thought process? Caring for the old and infirm? Must we voice the obvious?  Or is it just obvious to me? I just always got in and did what needed to be done & i think, he thinks, that should just continue....  ah contrare dear child......
Thought i did a good job getting around the hardware. LOVE the color, Just a shade darker than the house.
AND the good thing is, the paint comes off the lacquer nail manicure i had a couple weeks ago!!!!
Take Care All, hope u had a good day...
I am sure that darn shed will be done this week end... we are getting things out of storage to start to fill it this week end too.....
Oh, i am getting better though too, the raising the arms over head to reach the top parts does not hurt as bad as when i first started, stooping never seemed to bother me.  AND i am STILL going every other day to the gym too!!! Mon-Wed-Fri........ Yeah....did not use this as an excuse to blow it off, as was getting exercise doing the painting...... :)


  1. My thought is, he should have painted the whole darn shed without being asked....just sayin...

  2. I did laugh. John is close to his 77th birthday, I am 73. Our youngest son and his wife are somewhere around mid thirties. They didn't get it that we were pretty tired at the end of the day and 7.30 pm was a little bit late to begin getting dinner ready when we had started the day at 6.30 am.

    I couldn't help comparing it with how we treated our parents.

    I guess it's a compliment that our children still think we are capable of living like teenagers. * smiles*

    The gate and fence look great.


  3. I guess it's a compliment. Either that or as Loree says just thoughtless. OR as my daughter informed me, she doesn't like to think of me getting older. I tell her, I helped you when you were little and you'll help me when I am old. That's the circle of life.

    Shed looks GREAT!

  4. Don't ya just love kids. Sounds like something my kids would try. Oh, but it will look so nice when you're finished. And you can relax with a sense of accomplishment.

  5. I think it's proof that you taught Brian that mom just does everything.......just saying.......

  6. Loree, we wanted to come see you and the new shed, but with all the smoke up that way, we decided to head South instead. Made it as far as Bend one day, but the traffic was too much for us, so we quickly came back to LaPine. Hope to see you next time we're over this way.