Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some Advice

October issue of "Oprah" magazine is all about advise.  Some people were asked what is the best advice they received:
'If there is not a solution, there isn't a problem' If a situation is beyond my influence or control, remove it from your concern.  I pondered this and it is really true!
"It is not that serious"
'Start the way you intend to finish'-  advice for relationships, parenting, life in general.
"less is more", that always holds true
'things don't need to be expensive to be valuable'
'the first draft is never the final draft'
'be gentle with yourself'

Maybe these can be words of wisdom too???

Take Care & God Bless All


  1. I'm always reading and writing down advice like this. Good to remind myself. My biggest problem is procrastination with paperwork - need good advice for that.

  2. Good advice and a GORGEOUS picture. Did you take that??

  3. So very important to remember these things.