Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Ok, i admit, i watch alot of TV...  there are just certain shows that 'grab' me.  I don't usually just sit and watch, i am doing something else, sometimes reading also,  books, magazines, the paper, most certainly crocheting. I can normally multi-task.
 One of those is 'Sons of Anarchy'  Anyone else watch it?  It is interesting to see how Jax struggles to find his humanity in the world he lives in. I know it is there somewhere.  Well, last night, Opie, his best friend, childhood friend, (one of my favorite characters, sometimes the voice of reason)  was killed in the most horrible fashion, while in County Jail.  It will be with me a long time. I sat there transfixed. Is this something that is failing in me? I KNOW it is not real.  Does this happen somewhere in our world? How could that possibly be?   There are so many twists in this show, hard to keep up. Like i forget how they even got in jail this time, that was in last season? Or maybe i missed a show, bet i did.  I don't know, can i watch it anymore, how do i justify it? How do people think these things up? Is there a redeeming quality, i don't know if i can find it if Jax goes over to the 'dark side' and stays there....
Geez, am i getting carried away or what?

Oh AND i hit over 50,000 views!!!  Can hardly believe that!!! Do people really find me interesting to a certain degree?  Can't imagine, i am just, well, normal, aren't I???


  1. I can understan how you hit 50,000. I love to read your blog. So interesting and fun. My tv watching is just easy and light. Otherwise I don't sleep well..... Hope you can figure it all out.
    Take care,
    Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  2. Scary shows akso do not sit well with me.....suspense, yes, horror, no. And who wouldn't love reading your blog? You are so honest.

  3. I don't have a TV anymore. I hear bits and pieces about the programs at work or on the Internet. I have heard of this show, but thought it was a reality show.

  4. I like reading yer stuff... real homey like.... and always interesting... even if it's about a TV show I have absolutely no knowledge of. You wrote about it well.


    I like Dancing With The Stars!

  5. I think people are just in love with Luci, ha ha
    I find you interesting and entertaining too. Congratulations on reaching that goal.