Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thank You So!!

Thank You all for your encouraging comments, that is so nice and unexpected.
Luci is not really much better. Off her feed, altho she takes her pills really good, when they are wrapped in cheese or slathered with peanut butter!!! She spent the night in her little bed, does not even want to be in bed with me :(  So just let her be, where ever she is most comfortable.  She slowly makes her way from bed to outside and back.  Gives me the stink-eye like this is all my fault and why don't i fix it.....  I am sure it will get better with time.  Right? Tonight i can start giving her the pain pills.  Really messed up with that Aleve, guess that's how i learn, but hate to think of her being in pain  cuz of my mess-up.....
Take Care All
We got a really good soak, sun is out now, leaves are falling like crazy in the back yard!!!


  1. That is one twisted tree! Must be windy there.

    I'm glad Luci will be started on her pain pills tonight - I'll bet that will really help her.

    Lots of people give their pets people pills, or part of one, so don't feel bad. There are some that are okay to use, but it's nice to know Aleve isn't one of them.

  2. It may take a few days, Loree. Please don't blame yourself. In an emergency, we do the best we can when there's no medical assistance available.

    I used to give Lizzie (my black lab) grapes until I read that they are toxic! I thought they were healthy for her. I was lucky that I read not to do it because she LOVED them!

    I've been going to my vet for a very long time. I asked her many years ago if I could have some pain pills in case we were on the road or we couldn't get into see a vet. She knows me well enough to know that I have them more for my peace of mind and before I'd give them, I'd try to get in to see her or another vet.

    Having a couple of pain pills on hand might put your mind more at ease once Luci is over this incident.

    Poor pup--just give her some extra pats--she'll probably be fine in a day or two.

  3. It may take a week or so for her to be back to "normal" but once she can have the pain pills and the anti-inflammatory kick in then you'll have to worry about her doing too much. We make sure we are never without pain pills. Those little bodies can twist so easily and they have such shallow joint sockets. The vet is really good about letting us have extra pain pills and the anti-inflammatory also. Scooter wouldn't sleep with us either in the bed for a few nights. So I put a huge quilt on the floor at the foot of the bed and that's where she slept. In fact both of the girls liked it so well that it is still there (at least until I need it when it cools down.)

  4. Sorry to hear that Luci is not feeling well, still. It's always so stressful when our furry kids have problems that we can't seem to fix for them. Keep doing what you can, and don't feel bad, Loree. Thanks for sharing the photo of that twisted tree!

  5. I think dogs are like kids-they are good at the guilt trip thing:)

  6. There is nothing worse than 'the look' from furbabies. Hope Lucy perks up fast11

  7. Poor Luci. Sure hope she gets to feeling better soon. Her "look" is just cuz she hurts. Dogs are too loyal and loving to try and make us feel bad.

  8. We bought a pet stroller for Cooper and Effie and what a great thing it was. That way I could keep him still and watch him as I pushed him to the room I was in. That made him happy. Everyone is right once the medication kicks in they start to over do it. We carry pain pills with us too. I'm sure your vet knows how much you love her and want the best. I also carry baby aspirin as that is what I can give them if I don't have the pet pain pills. Oh by the way I bought the pet stroller on line for $125.
    Keep your chin up she will back to normal in no time.

  9. So sorry the hear about Luci not being well. I also have a doxie and worry about him hurting his back all the time. So I lift him in and out of the car and he is not allowed on the furniture which helps to keep accidents down. We do our best to keep them safe. You did what you thought was best for her. Don't feel bad. We know and Luci knows how much you love her.