Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 5, Going Home

 It was foggy at the beach when we left... so I worried about the plans to drive down the coast so Patti could see more of the beach and land formations...  when getting to Pacific City I saw that things were fast deteriorating and she could not see anything!!!
 This Rhodie was wonderful to behold tho.  she says she can get buds, but can't get them to bloom in Iowa...
 Seals mellowing out in Netarts Bay.  We saw LOTS of people out clamming or getting oysters or whatever it is they do on those mud flats when the tide is out....  They were industrious tho and had full buckets of something  :)
 Here is Patti at Pacific City and as you can see, one would never even know there was a HUGE rock out there.. the dory boats were coming in and couldn't see them either.  AND sand was ALL over the parking lot, making me uneasy in driving down to the beach or even around in the parking lot!!!!  I mean LOTS of sand!!!!
So with deliberation we decided to bag it and go ahead, after showing her Lincoln City and not being able to see the beach at all, that we would go ahead and go over to Salem and on home... as it was, we did not get here until 3p, going down further would have made us even later.  She had laundry to do and wanted to get going tomorrow morning for points EAST.
Will be sad to see her go and not have someone to do things with, talk with, show my Oregon to  :)
BUT she is missing her grandbabies and getting eager to get back.
Mt Jefferson looming over Detroit Lake... pretty spot and favorite place for a picture..
Take Care All & God Bless... Safe Travels All


  1. I'm hoping you'll have us to show around a little bit come fall. We're hoping to spend a couple of weeks in your beautiful state. No definite plans at this time because we just never know.

  2. It is so much fun showing off our beautiful Oregon to travelers, especially to old friends. Sorry the beach didn't cooperate, but often it doesn't, right? Still beautiful.

  3. Loree, it was foggy offshore, but it was a beautiful sunny day, although the wind was brisk and chilly. We enjoyed our day, and got some pretty fun photos. Donna will probably put up a blog with some of them, I'm sure. Thanks for giving us the idea of going to the Coast, and now we're home again, too!

  4. In all my years living in Tillamook County I never got to see the seals in Netarts Bay. What a treat for Patti to get to see them. You were a great tour guide for her and I'm sure she will go home with many, many, memories.

  5. You got some great pictures, even with the fog. Love the shot of Mt. Jefferson.

  6. Will you look at all those seals. I'm sorry your beach trip and visit with your friend is over. I really enjoyed going along.