Monday, May 6, 2013

Just Sitting

Even tho I am sleeping ALL day and sitting outside with the dogs, they like that!!
There are things to notice!!
 The lilacs are blooming or getting near... they are beautiful and about my most favorite flower...
In the last couple of days the trees in the back have leafed out... also shedding their little sticky cocoon things that enfolds the leaf,  Whatever these trees are, there is something falling off of them all year long...EXCEPT winter when the leafs are all gone...

 Mom's Lentin rose.  Note the fence I had to put up to protect it from awful Carl stomping all over it!!  It seems to work.  had to remind him the other day tho' but he saw me coming and ran out ahed of me!!
 More lilacs...white ones too!!!
 Red twig dogwood, still sitting in my front yard waiting for planting...
And YES, these are rocks over 6000# of rocks... that were delivered today.  Brian has a plan  ;0...  we will see.  The mountain of dirt and gravel are still sitting where they were delivered.... one would think now he has all the materials he needs to do what he plans to do.....  will have to rent some sort of machine to move those big boulders at some point, I am sure..  oh, dear......
Feel marginally better after not lifting my finger for ONE thing all day
Take Care and God Bless All


  1. Love lilacs ... and I am really looking forward to see what you do with your yard.

    That's exactly what I want to do... dig up the grass and fill with rocks and fountains and plants.

    Glad you're feeling better

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing whats going to become of those rocks

  3. Oh how o love the smell of lilacs. Lucky you. Nice to just sit in one place and observe. You do notice a lot of things that are missed when on the go.

  4. I love lilacs. They bring back such wonderful memories of my grandmother's yard which was filled with them. Glad you're getting the rest you need.

  5. I'd like to have just one of two of those rocks. Our desert landscaping needs just that touch. We have lots of smaller rocks, in fact just gathered three small pieces of sandstone (side of the highway, NOT from Valley of Fire!)

  6. Hope you are feeling better real soon. I am also looking forward to seeing your yard progress

  7. My lilacs are about to burst open as well. glad you got outside with the camera. Get strong. One more trip to the coast for you!

  8. When I lived in NJ. I had a lilac bush. Oh how I loved it.
    You keep resting and feeling better.

    Can't wait to see what the yard will look like.