Friday, June 7, 2013


Suppose I should do a follow-up on the medical issue... apparently there is NOT one.  Doc says since they were just 'in there' and fixed the adhesions/scar tissue, it has not had time to grow back, they 'looked around' and there was nothing there, no hernia or the like, that maybe we should look at the food issue and maybe it was bad gas, try GASX and keep track of cause and effect.  If  I have the pain, what did I eat and when.  What I don't understand (and I asked then this) is; it is the SAME pain and symptoms, but now the cause is from something else entirely?  Oh, can hope it does not happen again, I guess.  That this was just a one time thing... I did not eat anything unusual or over eat at all.  I did have 3 squares of a watermelon that was rather upsetting at the time I was eating it, so maybe that was just it.....  am trying to eat more as directed, little mini meals here and there.  More fruit (but NOT watermelon) is that even a fruit, like a diuretic more like it.....
So there you have it,  TMI???  I think so.  Let us forget about it, it will all be just fine...
Am really feeling great,  went to swim/exercise class on tues & thurs and yoga on fri. And going to try to keep this up, makes me feel good and that I am really doing something for myself.... down to 162 this morning, that means I have lost 200# 160 since the surgery on 2-7-12 and am from a size 30/32 to a size 14!!!!  Yes, that is true! and they are loose too.....
Tomorrow have a stamp class at 10am and may go to REI afterwards and check out the sales :), maybe not, I really don't NEED anything.... oh, and a friend told me about kayaks at Costco that may need looking into.  I want something relatively cheaper until I know for sure this is something I will do.
Today is a beautiful day out, mowed lawn yesterday, so it looks really good in the back yard. Love a newly mowed yard!!!
Take Care All & God Bless
P.S.  ooooo, my cousin from San Antonio is on his way to Oregon and will be stopping by for a short visit next Friday!!  Will be exciting to see him!!  He was SO instrumental in helping me out with my last computer crisis, could never thank or repay him enough!!!


  1. Wow! Congrats on the weight loss! I hope the pain was just the watermelon.


  2. Watermelon gives me indigestion so I never eat it, but I eat a lot of other fruits, especially those grown in CA, OR & WA. The cherries in CA are terrific right now, but it won't be long until I'm buying Oregon cherries.

  3. Congrats! Makes think I should shed some pounds too:)

  4. 200 pounds! sheesh! but still, watermelon in the summer is a major food group for me, sure would hate to give that one up. Hope you like kayaking. We love it.

  5. Wow Loree what a success story you are. 200# is fabulous. I'm with you though. If it's the very same symtoms it seems odd that it would be a totally different cause. But, maybe it was the watermelon, hope so. Glad to hear you are feeling so terrific and can do that exercise.

  6. Congrats on the weight loss! I guess I will have to use your good example and put a little more discipline into my own eating plan. Kayak? Let me know how it goes and if it is worth a trip to find a Costco.....

  7. 200 (as in two hundred) pounds! Loree, you are doing so well! We are so happy for you, and so proud to have had at least a little part in being a support person for you. I'm holding my own at the 136 loss, quite satisfied here. And eating what I enjoy. Yay.