Friday, June 21, 2013

The Yard!!!

 Brian was up at 7:30a!!! I could hear him working on the yard this morning..  by 11 we were done!!! Never got a picture of the 'dingo'  (yes that is it's name, was right on the side of it, weird) we used to move the rocks and dirt.  It was also my baby's 43rd birthday!!!  Summer Solstice..... It was also Father's Day that year.....  so long ago.....
 He built walls, was moving that rock around like it was nothing.... The rocks are placed just so and look great where they are...  Have a little raised berm to put in flowers.  Want to get a couple trees to shade the front bedroom, my room.... it is way too bright at certain times of the year and don't like shades on windows.....
 Still have that whole area behind where Brian is standing, but that will be partial grass and then the garden.  when I get old and can't care for a garden, maybe next year  :)  then can just put in more flowers....  Want a tree there too for shade on that side of the house, can't imagine why no one has done that in all these years, it gets really unbearably hot on that side of the house, and sure it would be cooler IN the house too with some shade offered....
Oh, in the picture b4 this one that machine is sitting there on the other driveway, red thing....
here is the raised bed and rock wall, then a little planter around the tree that is there.  Think it is all coming together nicely, now that the work is getting done....  we put in grass seed and covered it with compost, that stuff is clingy and icky.. gets all over everything it gets near.  Saw a BIG bluebird trying to peck at the grass seed, I shooed him away!!!  Geez, now just have to water and hope something sprouts pretty soon...  b4 the birds 'discover' it and eat it all!!!But doesn't it look good, lots better than pallets of rock sitting in the middle of it, or knee high weeds all over.....
I am pretty happy with it and LOVE my rock walls and boulders sitting about
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. You and Brian did a fantastic job! this ooks great.

  2. You and Brian sure know how to celebrate his birthday! ;-)

  3. Well done. Nice to see Brian working so hard to help you - way to go, Brian. It's going to look so nice and you'll love having some trees when you get them planted. Love the planters.

  4. That's a lot of work Brian is doing. That should be in good shape by the time we get to your place later this summer.

  5. Happy Birthday Brian!
    Nice job he has done for you and of course with your help too.

  6. It does look good, and when that grass gets growing your yard will be spectacular!

  7. What a big job, but it's looking great. I can't wait to see it when the grass is up and the flowers are in bloom. What a reward that will be for you and Brian. :)