Sunday, August 4, 2013

Buckaroo Breakfast & Inked!!!

 I love's me my Daddy!!!
Eric flew up here yesterday to drive his family home tomorrow... So got to have a day with the whole family.  We went to the Buckaroo Breakfast at the fairgrounds...
 Waiting in line...... not too long a wait...
 Is it only in Redmond, OR that you can get fed hash browns out of a bucket???
 Cooking up the bacon!!!
 Here the guys are making the hash browns....  right into the bucket under the table  :)
 These were two volunteers, picking up the garbage after we were done.  They were CHEERFUL too!!!!  Cute kids

 THEN we went to Mum's Tattoo and had some 'ink done'  !!!  By Maxx vonKasper..  turned out well, but don't remember the one I already had hurting quite so much, but to put it into perspective, it was NOT as bad as child birth or the photo laser treatment I had done to my face!!..  just sayin'
 I need to sit UP!!!  There was lots of prep work, which I should suppose I should be grateful for....
 All done!! and all went well!!!
Then we went to 10 Barrel Brewing for some Sasquatch brew.. it was VERY good..also shared a mushroom pizza with Sacia that was very good..... Talked and laughed.. Great day!!!  Memories!!


  1. Well......? I can't read the one on her arm, and what did you have inked? :)

  2. Love that first photo! I had no idea there were so many cowboy hats in Oregon. I'm to chicken to get a tattoo. It's so....permanent. LOL!

  3. I had the same thing on my arm as Sacia did, 'alis volat propriis' latin for "she flies with her own wings" but a tad bit smaller ;) it is also the state motto and on the State of Oregon flag (we are two Oregonians afterall.....

  4. That looks like a fun breakfast. Cute litter patrol too. Tattoo?? Umm, not me thanks LOL!!