Saturday, August 17, 2013

Car Show!!

 I think it was called "The Harvest Run" in downtown Redmond today.  There was art too, but not very much of it.... mostly highlight the different art objects around town, of which there are many and varied and most beauteous!!! and think I am going to do another blog on them sometime, once I get around town to take some pictures of them all...

 Always wanted one of these!!!

 Pure classic.....

 We even had one like this at one time in late 50's I think  :)  Dad used it as a down payment on a house in Aloha, Oregon when we moved from Tillamook in 1956 or 57.
Then we had an OLD pick-up that we all had to pile into for quite a time after that...

 Look at the beauty of this steering wheel

 There were beautiful art deco things on lots of these cars...  think of all the work going into making these cars still be car showroom worthy/perfect after all of this time!!!

 the lines and flow!!!!!!!

 Remember this???  We still have Dandy's in Bend, which has roller skating waitresses out to the car, love going there, have not been for quite some time now..  huge fries, fry sauce, Dandy Bacon burger....  oh yum!!!!!

 Look at this, even has a crystal on the wing!!!

 This has a splash of crystal too....

And then you have just plain serviceable  :)..  MY Grandpa Wallace had a model A Ford and Mom said when they had coupons for gas, during WWII you got more coupons if you had a pick-up, so Grandpa cut the rumble seat out of that car and fashioned a truck bed in there and it worked!!!  got more gas.....  wonder if they are going to 'fix this up' to look like the other ones... can you imagine the work going into a 'redo' like that???
They were truly wonderful to see....  always thought it would be great to have one of these old cars and take them to shows and drive them in parades, what fun that would be???  but you would have to have a dedicated garage for it to sit in most of the time..
Take care all and God Bless


  1. Great pictures of this car show. Love the details you showed. Did they have old vintage music playing too?

  2. I wish I had the money that they spent on just one of those redo's. They are so beautiful. And Jim would like one of each please.