Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Driving to Portland


 And this mushroom was just there all of a sudden!! (more than likely I missed it, now hesitant to pull it out, I mean how big will it get?)  And apparently I am having a bad hair day!  This is on the Santiam River.... It was a really lovely day. Which started with me having to wrestle Carl into the garage, he did NOT want to go, I tricked him and he was not happy... growled and barked at me, which just shows he tolerates me is all...  A friend passed away and am going to the Mass tomorrow.  Have me a nice room by Washington Square. A huge Mall here in Tigard, which is right smack next to Portland.  did some shopping, looking in stores,  found some worthy things to travel home with me  :)
Here is the Santiam River, merrily going on its way.  Saw NO wildlife, not much traffic, only stopped once for road repairing.  No dog to stop for.  Traffic started getting nasty where I had to turn off I-5, but found parking right away and not too far away from the door I was going in, so all in all a happy experience....
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Simply gorgeous flower. Hope you'll leave the mushroom so we can see if it takes over your garden. :-)) I think poor Carl just is mad that you are going and he's not. I guess your garage is now the dog house.

  2. Sorry about the death of your friend. I'm glad you had a good trip to Portland. I haven't been to Washington Square in years. We used to occasionally eat at the Fuddrucker's there, but I think it's gone now.

  3. Glad you had an easy drive, and found parking close to where you needed to be. All in all a pretty good experience for being so close to Portland. Nice photos, Loree.