Saturday, February 8, 2014


Last night.  love the snow glow!!  and taking pictures with a flash!!  So individual flakes show up!!!  LOTS more snow than this we have now!!!  But it was really coming down and wanted the effect....

Mailboxes last night......

And this morning.....

Little blue truck last night.....

And this morning...  after I shoveled out the driveway....

Side yard with garbage cans last night...

Then this morning.....  we must have 2 feet of snow!!!  There is no place to put the snow that you want out of the way  AND  between Brian going to work at 3am and 5:30 when he got home he could not get the car into the garage.. once I shoveled out and got the car in, the brakes would not...barely work!!! thought I was going to end up in the utility room.... my heavens, was practically standing on that brake!!!  Noticed that with high water too, brakes are really sketchy!!! In both those situations, so note to self!!!!  Watch out!!!
I had on my insulated leggings, jeans, two pair of socks, two shirts, jacket, hat.. am sure I am a sight, my Sorrel's too!!!  only thing I could not seem to solve were my fingers, really cold.....  shoveled some of the backyard too to give dogs better access/choices.... silly dogs. do not want to get their 'stuff' cold or into the snow  :)  NO traffic on our street,  I quite like that... very quiet here, did not get my paper!!!  and wanted it too.
 We had a tragedy here... at Bend Senior High a child brought a gun to school and shot himself in class... fortunately, he did not shoot anyone else.....  I think of the parents, how very sad, for your child to be so very unhappy this was the only solution???  How sad.... I hope I would see that..... would I????  I hope I would, would have the chance..... now there is no chance
There will be more pictures, as it is STILL snowing, yes siree, it surely is, coming down like crazy,  It is CRAZY... have not seen this for in- well forever... we have had our years of bad winter, lots of snow, but lately it has kept to the mountains....  NOT so this year, for sure.... 
We have the people across the road that don't EVER do anything and today is nothing out of the usual, they are just letting it pile up and not touching their cars.  And the guy at the end of the cul-de-sac who does not want ONE flake on his driveway and he is out there, been out there for a couple hours now and he has a double driveway too!!!!  Me and my neighbor (side by side) we had a nice conversation while shoveling, she was more tidy than me, I sort of think, this is good enough and will just HAVE to work with the little that I do, glad I only have a single car garage and driveway, BUT it is long..... but the tree hangs over a part of it, so that has lighter snow on it.....  :)  there are things to be thankful for.....

Take Care & God Bless


  1. Wow ! That's a lot of snow. Looks like the light fluffy kind thank goodness.

  2. Way too much snow. I'm with the pups - I wouldn't want to get my whatever cold either. Don't over do with the shoveling.

  3. Amazing! Your yard looks like snow in the mountains--it must be really coming down up there! Be safe & stay warm! It's beautiful!

  4. The snow is beautiful, but I haven't been in any accumulation for a long time. That is really sad about the child who shot himself. How are these kids able to get guns so easily? And with all the copycat behavior, when will people stand up and say "Enough is enough!"

  5. We've got snow, and now all day today it's been a light rain on it. It's caused everything to be covered in ice, and the snow in the yard has an icy crust. Our small pine tree out back lost two limbs that broke from the weight of the ice. They weren't real small limbs, either. I saw one of them as it broke. Lots of starlings and crows into all the feeders today, and we can't keep them away...guess that's how they survive so well. Our metal awnings over our decks look like they might be bending because of the weight of the snow and ice on them. Can't do much about that, but would like to. Take care.

  6. Love that first picture. Your house looks so pretty. But you can have the shoveling. It's snow on the west coast, snow on the east coast and snow in between. I think Florida may be the only state with not a flake of snow. Carolyn said it's snowing in Little Rock Arkansas. Good grief! So much snow!

  7. Did you get any of the ice storm? We're supposed to get more tonight but I sure hope they're wrong. Trees down all over town and lots of power outages. Take care and go easy on that shoveling.