Wednesday, April 30, 2014


She has been coming to visit every evening for the last couple of days... don't know where 'he' is, do the males sit on a nest? Am sure she is a part of the bunch that lives back by the irrigation canal. This pair seems to be the only ones that have found my little 'feeding' station.  and he has not been around for days, just her.... and she is not bothered in the least with my coming in and out of the house...

She was just having the most fun in the sprinkler.  Was not too concerned with me, as I had to be moving it about the yard to get the watering done during 'my times'

She would just put her head right into the spray and just sat there with the water coming down all about her.  It was really the coolest thing to see.

I have two bird feeders and an old tire re-purposed to a feeder, that I paid way too much for,  but the doves really like it....  also have a block of something I got at the feed store for birds and she seems to like that really well...  Isn't she just the bomb tho!!!  Sometimes she is just sitting out under the tree, in the shade...  taking her ease.  Do wonder if she has a nest somewhere.  She leaves the biggest poops tho,  goodness!!!!  The bad with the good, huh???
Take Care all, may you all have such pleasant and beautiful visitors....


  1. How very cute! What fun to have that to watch. Your grass is so green!!

  2. Love those pictures of her in the sprinkler. Too cute! We had geese and ducks on the farm. They are the original food processing machines. The geese were worse than the ducks and it was pretty hard to clean it up out of the yard. Good luck!

  3. Maybe you can train her to poop in your flower garden so you get free fertilizer? ;)

  4. She is so cute playing in the sprinklers. No wonder she likes your yard - foot and fun.

  5. She's so funny! Dad must be sitting on the nest--or maybe she's just taking a break from sitting. Either way, she's a charming addition to your yard...except for the poops maybe.