Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Isn't this the cutest???  Love these chickens and lambs.. bunnies!!!  I have a whole box of bunnies gotten throughout the years... having a birthday near Easter, I used to get bunnies ALL the time  :)

Love these daffies!!!  Bring those bud bundles home from grocery store and the next morning they have burst forth..  Wonderous and beautiful!!!

Take Care All and have a Blessed Easter!!!!


  1. Wishing you a blessed Easter, Loree!

  2. Gorgeous daffodils! Happy Easter, Loree!

  3. A very joyous Easter to you Loree. I love your chick.

  4. Hope you had a great Easter. I will have to see the chicks and bunny collection when I come and visit. I have three things now blooming, daffodils, indigenous anemones and something I do not know the name of, but they cover one side of my back hill! Yeah!